Ceylon Gem Guide

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While dreaming to be the proud owner of a natural gemstone glittering with glamour, you may also wonder: “how to find genuine gemstones worth for the money I spend?” Knowing your doubts, we at CGT are dedicated to guide you to fine rare and natural gemstones which suit your requirements.

Prior to purchasing a gemstone, know these important information about gemstones.

Shapes of gemstones

The shape of the gemstone matters as it can effect and enhance how you experience the energy. Several popular gemstone shapes are

Perfect Round






Know the 4c’s of buying the gemstones of your choice!

Wonder what the 4C’s of the gemstones are?

  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat Weight


Considering about the hue of the gemstone, the primary hues are violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. These hues together may create a secondary hue, adding a different level of glittering glamour to your gemstone. However, if your gemstone has a pure colour, then it is more valuable than a gemstone which has a colour shade.


The fourth C of the gemstones is cut, which expresses how the gemstone is faceted and styled to refract light. There are several cuts that are faceted in gemstones. Some of such cuts are: Rose cut, Barion Cut, Eight cut and old mine cut. Noteworthy to mention is the “Ceylon Cut” that was born in Ceylon, which comprises a brilliant-cut crown and a step-cut pavilion.


The clarity of the gemstone is determined by the fact that whether foreign inclusions are added to the gemstone. Such foreign inclusions could be other minerals, dust, insects, liquid or air pockets. If the gemstone you buy doesn’t have any inclusions, the value of it greatly increases.

Carat Weight

Since the density varies from stone to stone, the standard measurement use to measure the gemstones is the carat weight. The price of stones such as sapphire, garnet, emerald, ruby, spinel and alexandrite may be higher in value since the large size gemstones of these are very rarely to be found.

Natural gemstones and lab-created gemstones

First and foremost, after deciding your budget, decide whether you need a natural gemstone or a lab-created gemstone. Though the lab-created gemstones are affordable and almost identical to natural gemstone, you should be aware that they do not carry the same value and the same glamour as the natural gemstones that took thousands of years to form, inside the earth’s surface.

Precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones

Secondly, you should know whether you are purchasing a precious gemstone or a semi-precious gemstone. Rarest and purest in the quality, precious gemstones are extremely valuable and adds a rich glamour to your beauty. Likewise, semi-precious gemstones too add a value to yourself, yet these gemstones have a variety of chemical make-ups unlike the precious gemstones. Mentioned below are few precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Precious Gemstones

  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond

Semi-Precious Gemstones

  • Opal
  • Garnet
  • Quartz
  • Amethyst

Organic gemstones and mineral gemstones

Thirdly, you should know whether you are purchasing an organic gemstone or a mineral gemstone. For instance, if you love a gemstone like pearl or coral, which means you are purchasing an organic gemstone. You might wonder how organic gemstones differ from mineral gemstones. Organic gemstones are derived from living organisms whereas the mineral gemstones are mined from the earth. While the organic gemstones are harvested mainly in oceans or the earth, the mineral gemstones take thousands of years to harden into crystal like structures; which are formed by a unique combination of heat and pressure. Examples for mineral gemstones are the most precious gemstones like diamonds and sapphires.

Let your gemstone suits your birth month!

If you didn’t know, you can buy the gemstone that suits your birth month, to add an extra value to it! It is said, if you wear the particular gemstones during certain months of the year, the power of the gemstone enhances. Following are the gemstones that match your birth month.

























Tips for after care

As a lover of gemstones, you should be aware that just buying the gemstone is not adequate yet in order to retain the valuable gemstone, you should provide extra care. So here are some tips to care.
  • Reduce the gemstone’s exposure to chemicals. Thus, wear your make-up and other cosmetics prior to wearing your jewelry that embedded the gemstone.
  • In order to minimize the residues, gently wipe your jewelry using a soft cloth after wearing it.
  • Store your jewelry in a box where one doesn’t touch the other. Hence, the scratches cause by the harder gemstones on the softer ones will not happen.
  • Make sure you are not keeping your jewelry here and there to avoid the scratches and misplacement.

Here is the best practice

Keep your jewelry in a tarnish-resistant pouch or a lined-jewelry box to keep it safe and wear it for a lifetime to come!