About Ceylon Gem Traders

Providing genuine gemstones for four decades

Dated back to 1977, for four long decades, Ceylon Gem Traders has served as a renowned gem seller in Sri Lankan gem industry, providing natural gemstones to consumers across the globe. Started as a family business, currently Ceylon Gem Traders is located in Western province, few kilometers away from the capital of Sri Lanka.

Serving as an importer, exporter and also as a manufacturer of natural gemstones, CGT is highly capable of creating customized jewelry of your choice, whilst providing the Ceylonese gem industry with new gemstone creations. Setting new standards of gemstone craftsmanship, CGT produces/ supplies gemstones that has finest quality of cutting and clarity.

Guaranteed to serve you with the gemstones of exceptional/ the first-grade quality, CGT has a collection of diverse gemstones that varies from several colours and different shades. Nonetheless, these gemstones embody various astrological powers and a range of healing

Reasons to Choose

Ceylon Gem Traders

Registered in Ceylon Gem Bureau

Guaranteed as a trustworthy provider of natural and genuine gemstones.

Own gem mines in Rathnapura

Minimum involvement of the intermediaries since the company owns its own gem mines to
obtain high quality gemstones

Quality assuarancce

Bringing you the finest quality gemstones which are durable and genuine in every aspect

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and sought after
gem traders in Asia

Our Mission

To provide genuine and natural gemstones to our customers for the best market price available while crafting gemstones of finest quality

Our Expertise

We guarantee to give nothing but the best.

With the intention of supplying you the 100% genuine gemstones, our expert gemologists and experienced traders visit the mining locations to find the highest quality gemstones. Avoiding the hassle of intermediaries, we choose the gemstones for the best market price in order to provide our customers the finest gemstones for best prices. Thus, we at CGT are guaranteed to give you the best market prices available.